Highland Edge Writing Group

A new writing group is forming at the edge of the Highlands. The first meeting is June 20, at 6:00 pm. The Location is Brooke and Billy’s Bourbon and Bites, 751 Vine St. 40204. We will begin with a chance to order dinner, make introductions, and then critique work after it has been read. Poetry will be read one poem at a time, round robin; please bring 10-12 copies and 5pp of fiction, essay, or CNF. The group plans to post work online in the future, beforehand, just to members. We will meet on the third Tuesday of every month.


I am not great at new stuff. I am permanently relaxed, kind of set in my focus. This is not all bad: deep focus can help a writer see beyond the obvious. It’s just that I can’t adapt as easily as I remember, earlier in my life. Still, I like seeing relationships and designs within the environment. I love specifics: it is a great delight when I can find a way to express something difficult to pin, out of human experience. I relish this when I find it in other writing.